What is StarKiva?
Thank you for visiting StarKiva presented by Jennifer Angel. Traditionally, a Kiva is a room built underground by Native Americans for the purpose of performing religious and spiritual ceremonies. The combination of the two names, Kiva and Star represent a blending of heaven and earth. The vibration of the name StarKiva helps to integrate our earthly and spiritual existence, allowing us to feel more centered and at peace. Astrology is an amazing tool, and can provide astonishingly accurate insights, which can help guide you through your unique journey of life. We all have a road map to follow, a path of destiny, which can lead us to be the best we can. By using astrology as a tool it can help you make the right choices and decisions. Astrology can provide you with the knowledge needed to develop as person and excel in love, money, your career, and all areas of life. You deserve the very best that life has to offer, never doubt that magic can happen!

I hope you enjoy the site and services, and that it helps to enrich your life.
Best wishes to you!


Jennifer Angel, Resident Astrologer to StarKiva is a columnist, radio and television presenter, and published author. She specializes in writing about astrology and relationships as well as celebrity content and mainstream everyday family issues. Her daily astrological forecasts and featured articles have a unique style, which is light, refreshing, informative and uncannily accurate.

Having hosted her own radio and stage shows plus numerous TV appearances she helps people make positive and dynamic behavioral changes in their lives.

Jennifer can help you navigate your way through the sometimes treacherous, but rewarding path of living, loving and learning.